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Longarmedbob July 13th at 6:24 am
Pretty ridiculous crux on this one (pushing 11c I thought), and reachy (says longarmedbob). I know the less tall folks have their tricks but I'd like to see how someone shorter than myself tackles this one. I'm sure it would awe me.
Cat Crux was more awkward than reachy for me. July 19th at 9:57 pm
Longarmedbob July 13th at 6:17 am
I kept hearing about how hard the top of this route was but no one told me how freaking fun it was! Hadn't got it yet, but I think it'll go if I hit it at the right time of my warmed-up-but-not too-tired window.
AntitrustIssues Now that you said it, I feel comfortable enough to downgrade my initial vote from 12a to 11d :-) July 13th at 8:56 am