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Longarmedbob November 12th at 11:24 am
Great set Jordan. A technical masterpiece with several cruxes. No stopper moves but really easy to chose the harder beta. If you onsight this one...you rock! I'm still working it and hope it will go. I hope the setters leave this one up for a while so myself and others will have time to play on it and piece it all together.
Longarmedbob November 5th at 8:08 am
Top Rope Only, I tried to lead it once, and realized it was a baaaaad idea. Too hard to reach some clips, and keep in mind that this is longarmedbob posting. It's also quite pumpy. It's got some quirky feet moves too; most of your weight will be on a foot, and you find that's the foot you have to move next. So you gotta pull hard to make that happen, more often than you want.